Triple Crisis Blog

Global Perspectives on Finance, Development, and Environment

The world is experiencing three simultaneous crises in finance, development, and the environment.  A number of economists are questioning the mainstream narratives and analyses of these crises.  Some of us have joined to create the Triple Crisis Blog to contribute to a more open and global dialogue around these three crises.

As co-founders Jayati Ghosh and Kevin P. Gallagher wrote in their post launching the Triple Crisis Blog, “Crises are not new to the world economy, nor to developing countries. Indeed, our current predicament is a convergence of at least three crises: in global finance, development, and environment.  These areas are seemingly disparate but actually interact with each other in forceful ways to reflect major structural imbalances between finance and the real economy; between the higher income and developing economies; between the human economic system and the earth’s ecosystems.  This blog seeks to contribute to a more open and global dialogue around these three crises: about how they interact, and how they can collectively be solved.”

The aim of this blog is to provide fresh insights on current debates from an unprecedented network of economic analysts from the Global North and the Global South, from eleven countries.  In so doing, the Triple Crisis Blog seeks to generate dialogue in a way that has an exponential effect in terms of influencing policy-makers and the broader public.

The project is grounded in an analysis that holds that the crisis:

  • challenges the dominant economic schools of thinking
  • urges a more integrative approach beyond the stabilization of the financial markets, especially integrating the challenges of the environment and development crises
  • demands a knowledgeable debate beyond the existing circles and actively includes perspectives from the Global South
  • works toward solving the problems the global economy confronts in an environmentally sound and globally just manner.

The Triple Crisis blog is currently run by Dollars & Sense, and was previously run by The Political Economy Research Institute and GDAE with support from Economic Research Foundation, and the Heinrich Boell Foundation;  it counts on partnerships with a variety of institutions.

Comments on the individual posts are of course welcome on the posts themselves. Comments and feedback on presentation and functioning of the blog itself can be sent to: dollars@dollarsandsense.org.

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