Big news, maybe very big, in alternative energy sources

Matias Vernengo

I have taken to calling my beliefs on the future of energy sources “weird energy.” Why? Because the sources I am most interested in seem to violate the Second Law of Thermodynamics. Notice: this is so inviolable, we capitalize it. But they don’t.

Why am I so interested in other energy sources? The obvious reason is a quest for zero carbon intensity, so getting rid of the big greenhouse gas. The other one is that the correlation between energy consumption and economic output, no matter how you measure it, and probably no matter when in history you look, is so tight that you could hang wallpaper by it. Some folks think I am weird because of this but, ya’ know, data are data when used wisely. And this is really important.

Why think about “weird” sources? Minimally, because none of the current clean alternatives are cheap enough to really matter. They may get there, but if there are cheaper sources that work, why not go for them, even if they seem to violate physical laws. Beyond that, the energy potentials for these sources are difficult to logically digest, they are enormous, and should have enormous effects on economic systems.

With that, this week an independent group of physicists published the results of three series of tests starting in September last year and concluding in March this year on the so-called E-Cat of Andrea Rossi, an Italian entrepreneur.

The big news from the report, found here, is with the most conservative assumptions, the device produces over extended periods a minimum of an order-of-magnitude more energy ouput than is input or can be explained by any known chemical process. This is very conservative.

How conservative? The most eye-opening story is the first test in September 2012. The independent scientists did not have any participation from Rossi or his people; on their own they (accidentally) drove the device to failure in a fairly spectacular manner: the inner steel container of the device melted; the melting point of steel is ~ 1470 C. An outer ceramic container also melted. Ceramics have a melting point of ~ 2000 C. The active component producing this energy is a card-deck size core with powdered nickel, hydrogen, and some unspecified catalyst. No conceivable set of chemicals can produce such a chemical reaction, so something else is going on.

I won’t go into theory here, as there are many and none which are yet sufficient. I will say this report has caught the attention of a wide group of skeptics who are properly evaluating the result.

Here is an image of the device about to destruct:

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6 Responses to “Big news, maybe very big, in alternative energy sources”

  1. Matias Vernengo says:

    In all fairness the author is Steve Bannister, and ex-student of mine that also contributes to Naked Keynesianism.

  2. David Sogge says:

    Information provided in the following webpage does not inspire confidence in the source of this “big news”:

  3. Steve Bannister says:

    Yes, I wrote that. Matias has no responsibility.

    And it is easy to find skeptics; after all, Fleischmann and Pons were scientifically ridden out of town on a rail, to use a Western US metaphor. But, of course, it was only done after they were metaphorically tarred and feathered, which may have a more geographically diverse appeal. And they are in the process of being vindicated.

    Rossi has plenty of skeptics; many have valid points. Krivit is not one of them. I do not remember what past sins invoked his ire, but the story is a very old red herring; he is now apparently attacking the credentials of the investigators, sounds desperate to me.

    I do not know what Rossi actually has; if he has what this independent analysis says he has, and he can commercialize it, I stand by what I said, that this is then a major game changer.

    If none of the above happens with Rossi, many are prepared to step into the breach. The best scientists with open minds looking at LENR say that the evidence of excess heat is incontrovertible based on 24 years of many experiments with often different methods, and across the world among dozens of scientists. At least five other companies I can think of even with the current caffeine-starved state of my brain are working to commercialize LENR.

    So, skepticism is appropriate, but at least find someone with a scientific basis; at the moment the experimental gold standard for skepticism-informed LENR research is the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project at They are raising funds to purchase a 1 MW Rossi reactor and subject it to the rigorous testing protocols they have been developing for about a year now.

  4. Samuel Conner says:

    European version of Blacklight Power?

  5. Steve Bannister says:

    Similar. Rossi claims to be building production facilities in Sweden and Florida as well.

  6. Bob Nikon says:

    Alternatives are cheaper than fossil fuels, right but the problem is none of the alternatives is reliable. They can’t work anywhere under any weather conditions. That’s why we can’t stay away from carbon footprint..But the time couldn’t be better that now there is a brand new approach on alternative energy:-
    Mother Nature is the only one planet amongst her siblings in this universe who can support lives. Not only that she supports all of her inhabitants in her facilities but she also nurtures them with all the balances of her elements. The perfect combinations of air, land, water and gravity. Additionally, she orbits around the sun at a certain distance in order to maintain the moderate level of radiation from the sun and also revolves around herself thus all inhabitants can have what they need to grow. Most of them have thrived. There is one creature amongst them whose way of life has impacted effectively on Mother Nature. The impacts that can alter the balances of her elements. The impacts that can wipe out her precious elements which she has saved for millions of years. That creature is human being. The way humans live their lives is different from any other creatures as we have learned.
    Our Mother Nature is so nice to us. She provides us with things that we need. Things(fossil deposits) that she has saved for millions of years. We pick them out from her purse to consume, then we leave garbage(toxic waste,green house gases,ashes) for her to clean up. That is not very nice, is that? It is very despicable for mother this nice to receive the treatment like this. But it is inevitable because we need to live on.
    At some point of time some of us come up with ideas to amend the dire situations by offering the green energy as an alternative to obtain energy. There are several methods to produce clean energy but all of them are futile. Because every method comes up with conditions and restrictions to determine when the apparatus is able to produce energy and when not to be able to. So it will be inadequate energy. We fail to get rid of the despicable treatments that we have been giving to our mother. We have been tied up with the dire situations for quite some time.
    I have observed and despised the dire situations for all along. Until about 4 years ago I came across something very interesting and unprecedented. This idea is to build the apparatus that is driven by the gravitational and buoyant forces. It works in any waters. Once being set up and running, this apparatus will generate ample supply of electricity by itself around the clock anywhere on this planet. There are no pros and cons to discuss about, neither conditions nor restrictions. The great news is that we can eventually extricate ourselves completely from the carbon footprint and the notion “save energy”. as well. Eventually, we can treat our nice mother the way that she deserves.
    There are three major elements that all of us rely on for our energy needs. Natural gas, coal and crude oil. These are actually wrong elements to be used to fulfill our energy needs. The effects of using them are sinister that could come to hurt us seriously in some ways. Additionally, these are limited supplies. They should have been used for some specific applications. It will be a huge mistake if we just live on without doing any corrections. We are human being, we live our lives with plans. This is what makes us different from any other earth inhabitants. Most people have realized that but what are the alternatives? HYDRO-ELECTRENERGY is an answer to this question but in order to be completely extricated from carbon footprint we have to get one more element under control. That element is hydrogen.
    Hydrogen is an ubiquitous element on earth. It is proven to be a right element that will eradicate the carbon footprint out of our lives. Unfortunately, it can not stay by itself in our environment that we can just grab it. It coheres with some other elements by chemical bond. The significant amount of electricity as an energy is required to break this bond. In order to obtain usable amount of hydrogen.
    Hydrogen has been proven to be the best source of energy but it has hit the roadblock. It does not make sense to produce hydrogen from conventional sources and also too expensive. When we already have crude oil to support our energy needs. So people are counting on alternative methods but with all methods that we acquire are inadequate to produce hydrogen to support our energy needs. That is why hydrogen has hit roadblock and stopped on its track. In fact, nice things about what hydrogen can do are nothing new to our knowledge. Is hydrogen tantalizingly out of our reach? Yes..but…not any more. Here is when the big plan is being implemented on this issue. Since this system can produce ample supply of electricity. We are now capable of producing hydrogen in significant amount at a very low cost or no cost at all. We now can expel the carbon footprint out of our lives once and for all. We can live our lives without carbon footprint at last.
    Hydrogen can be extracted from some substances available in our atmosphere. The only one substance with benign consequences for Mother Nature is water. It is abundant in our surroundings. Water can be from any available sources and it doesn’t have to be purified. So it is practically cost free for hydrogen production since there is an ample supply of electricity being generated at no running costs.
    The great thing that happens when water is chosen as raw material to produce hydrogen is that we do not consume water in the process. We borrow water from Mother Nature and after we use energy then we give water back to her. Remember, hydrogen that is extracted from water is being forced to cohere with oxygen in the air by the chemical reaction(combustion). Energy and water are the results. Now we have the energy to fulfill our needs and the water is released back to earth. That is the idea of recycling. We just need energy to nourish our preferred lifestyle and we have found the way to recycle the water to get energy we need. Isn’t that fantastic? It is time folks to wake up and smell the aroma of flowers after being smothered by the carbon smoke for too long. But first, before all these happen we have to congregate to get the prototype up and running. So please go to look through the whole website. If you agree on the idea, please donate small contribution to the project. Many hands can lift the big project off the ground.