2 Responses to “Climate Change and the Failure of Market Mechanisms”

  1. Steve Valk says:

    Agree that carbon trading has failed to reduce GHGs. But what about a direct tax on carbon that goes up each year? Such legislation has been introduced in U.S. House. We have a grassroots network lobbying for that. Would you be interested in an interview with our executive director? Here’s his interview with the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel:

  2. Firaol says:

    One very good example would be the valilge of Kivalina in Alaska. They have to re-locate the entire valilge because there ground is melting. They are trying to sue oil companies for global warming in order to come up with the $400 Million needed to move the valilge of 400 people. (I don’t know how it cost $1 Million per person).Another example could be the southwest and the severe water and energy shortage that may be just a few years away. Lake Mead is drying up and the water level may soon be too low to produce elecricity at Hoover Dam. (You can google for that, there are lots of stories about it. The study that concluded that climate change is contributing was performed by Scripps Institute of Oceanography in San Diego.)

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