Economists Launch the World Economics Association

This week a group of 141 economists from 40 countries established the World Economics Association (WEA) in order to fill an important gap in the international economics community–”the absence of a truly international, inclusive, pluralist, professional association.” The WEA is committed to global democracy and plurality of economic thought, method and philosophy. Triple Crisis bloggers Jayati Ghosh, Kevin Gallagher, C.P. Chandrasekhar, and Stephany Griffith-Jones are among the founding members.

Read the World Economics Association Manifesto at WEA.

One Response to “Economists Launch the World Economics Association”

  1. Rabindra pd singh. says:

    Indian economics is unique if proper policy adopted for unorganised sector rather capital intensive model.we are less threaten only due to our mass working people who became victim of globalisation.