Triple Crisis Blog’s G20 Coverage

As G20 heads of state prepare to gather in Cannes, France for their annual summit, Triple Crisis will continue its ongoing series, “Spotlight G20,” with new analysis both from our bloggers and from guest writers. The G20 meets at a time when the three crises identified in our name — finance, development, and environment — face critical policy decisions. Join the discussion on Triple Crisis at Spotlight G20.

Previous Spotlight G20 posts include:

Matías Vernengo, What should developing countries demand?
Timothy A.Wise, More Fodder for the Food Price Debates: Ethanol, speculation drove prices
Ilene Grabel, G20: Speeding from Hopeful to Hopeless
Kavaljit Singh (guest blogger), G20 Defers Decision on Financial Transaction Tax Despite Global Support
Edward Barbier, G20: Tax “Bads” and not “Goods”
Sophia Murphy (guest blogger), The G20’s Opportunity on food reserves
Timothy A. Wise, Identifying the Drivers of Price Volatility
Timothy A. Wise, New evidence of speculation in financialized commodities markets
Jennifer Clapp, The G20 Agricultural Action Plan: Changing the Course of Capitalism?
Jennifer Clapp, How to Add Value to the G20 Agricultural Ministers’ Meeting

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