Spotlight G20: G20 Resource List

As the G20 Cannes Summit comes to a close, as part of our 2011 Spotlight G20 Series Triple Crisis recommends checking out the following resources to make sense of what was and was not included in the G20’s agenda and why.

G20 Information Centre, Munk School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto: The G20 Cannes Summit 2011: A New Way Forward
Center for Global Development, Development and the Cannes G20 Summit
Thomas Bernes (CIGI), Prescriptions for the G20: The Cannes Summit and Beyond
Uri Dadush, G20 Must Help Manage Eurozone Crisis
Financial Times Special Report, Overview: Dark outlook piles pressure on leaders
Kevin P. Gallagher, The Eurozone Debt Crisis and the G20
Jose Antonio Ocampo, Stephany Griffith-Jones and Kevin P. Gallagher, The G-20’s Helpful silence on capital controls
Andrew Sheng, The Coming Global Credit Glut
Barry Eichengreen, The G20 and Global Imbalances
IMF’s Special Report to the G20 and Paul Krugman’s response, Surprise Anti-Austerians
Jeffrey Sachs, Obama, the G20, and the 99 Percent

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