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James Boyce’s recent post on the gulf oil-spill, “Truth Spill: Gulf Disaster Brings Home the Real Costs of Fossil Fuels,” generated the following video interview on the Real News Network.  The video builds on recent posts on the subject of the gulf oil-spill by Triple Crisis bloggers Lyuba Zarksy, Alejandro Nadal, and Frank Ackerman.

One Response to “Gulf Oil Disaster: Capping the truth spill”

  1. Joel Havel says:

    We should all be asking when is enough enough… this latest disaster is typical greed in action which we can all thank the Bush/Cheney crew for. And then to hear that BP refuses to fully protect cleanup workers for fear of bad PR if someone should see a hazmat suit and repirator… we all know they’re snakes so whats new!

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