In Memoriam, Frank Ackerman

It is with great sadness that we announce that Frank Ackerman, a frequent contributor to Triple Crisis blog and one of the founders of Dollars & Sense (which maintains Triple Crisis), died on July 25th of this year.

Frank contributed five posts to Triple Crisis earlier this year; the fifth was Inequality, Sunk Costs, and Climate Policy (and the other four are linked at the top of that post). Frank revised the first three of those posts into the cover feature for the March/April issue of D&S, Can We Afford a Stable Climate.

Last September, at the 50th-anniversary celebration for the Union for Radical Political Economics, Frank spoke on a panel with two other D&S founders, Ann Davis and Arthur MacEwan, and D&S co-editor Chris Sturr, on the early history of D&S.  You can listen to Frank’s remarks here.  (The article about the history of D&S that Frank mentions at the beginning of his remarks can be found here.) Thanks to D&S collective member Cadwell Turnbull for recording and editing the talk.

There will be an event honoring Frank tomorrow at Tufts University.  The event begins at 4:30 in the Alumnae Lounge at the Aidekman Center on Tufts’ Medford campus.  Several speakers will discuss Frank’s research on climate change, environmental regulation, and economic modeling. The presentations will go on until about 6:00, and a reception will follow.

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