Occupy Roundup: A Global Movement Turns One

Eli Epstein-Deutsch, Triple Crisis Assistant Editor

This September 17th, a flurry of actions and gatherings in and around Zuccotti Park marked the anniversary of the beginning of the Occupy Wall Street protest, which gripped the media last fall and sparked copycat encampments and marches across the world. What this all means depends on who you ask. To its critics, including Andrew Ross Sorkin at the New York Times, OWS is but a passing craze that has proved itself to be an empty suit (or an empty Guy Fawkes mask).

Mostly, he points to its lack of concrete policy accomplishments in the United States, though it has undeniably had a significant effect on the national discourse (even Mitt Romney paid lip service to the “99%.”) Moreover, “Occupy” has spread far beyond the bounds of the United States, influencing and framing politics internationally, from Madrid to Seoul to Rio. Encampments in Frankfurt and Hong Kong, indeed, long outlasted their Anglophone counterparts,  only to be dismantled in the last few months. It seems clear to us that much of the global Occupy story remains to be written…

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