Open Economics: Weigh in

Norbert Häring, guest blogger

The World Economics Association’s forum for the open review of proposed articles for the World Economics Journal and for Economic Thought is now open. 19 submissions have been posted so far. It is located at

The World Economics Association has been founded in spring 2011 and has so far attracted more than 7000 members from around 120 countries. The Journals of the association are committed to a policy of inclusiveness, openness and transparency. You are encouraged to read and comment on submitted papers that interest you. Editors will also make public comments to make their final decision making process transparent and to allow readers and authors to react and interact.

Papers submitted to the World Economics Journal include:

Microfinance and the Illusion of Development: from Hubris to Nemesis in Thirty Years, by Milford Bateman and Ha-Joon Chang

Incorporating the Rentier Sectors Into a Financial Model, by Michael Hudson

External Fragility or Deindustrialization: What is the Main Threat to Latin American Countries in the 2010s? by Roberto Frenkel and Martín Rapetti

Pension Liabilities: Fear Tactics and Serious Policy, by David Rosnick and Dean Baker

Grass Roots War On Poverty, by Alice H. Amsden

Papers submitted to Economic Thought include:

Mathematical Modelling and Ideology in the Economics Academy: competing explanations of the failings of the modern discipline?, by Tony Lawson

On the Limits of Rational Choice Theory, by Geoffrey M. Hodgson

An Evolutionary Efficiency Alternative To The Notion Of Pareto Efficiency, by Irene van Staveren

Norbert Häring is editor of the World Economics Journal.

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