What About NYC That Doesn’t Make it To Postcards?

Anna Lekas-Miller, Guest Blogger

A woman walks up and down the dark hallway, holding a cheap transistor radio up to her ear, pressing it closer as it keeps cutting in and out.

“They’re saying that it could be anywhere between two and seven weeks before we get power,” she says, shaking her head. “So who even knows?”

I’m a volunteer with Occupy Sandy—a community relief effort that used the Occupy Wall Street network to coordinate hurricane relief in New York City’s hardest hit areas. I’mon the fifteenth floor of 711 Seagirt Boulevard, a twenty-five story housing complex in Far Rockaway—a neighborhood on the Rockaway Peninsula in Queens, New York that was one of the most devastated by Hurricane “Superstorm” Sandy. Though the building itself is secure, and suffered only a few inches of water during the storm itself, it has been without power and running water for almost two weeks. In a twenty-five story housing complex where many of the residents are elderly and disabled and the elevators no longer work, many of the residents have been trapped in their apartments since the storm.

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