The IMF's mid-life crisis

Ilene Grabel

Many Triple Crisis bloggers have been examining the effects of the global financial crisis on decision makers at the IMF, particularly as concerns the policy space of developing countries. In these two interviews, Triple Crisis blogger Ilene Grabel considers the effect of the crisis on the economics profession and, in particular, on the policy advice proffered to developing countries by the IMF during the current financial crisis. Ilene focuses on whether the crisis has created more space for developing countries to implement capital controls, and she also discusses the draft proposals for taxing the financial sector that the IMF has presented to the G20 for consideration at its June meeting in Toronto.

2 Responses to “The IMF's mid-life crisis”

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  2. Janet says:

    Yep, IMF is indeed experiencing it’s financial version of a mid-life crisis. They need to get financially healthy again.