The Drought and the Coming Food Price Bubble

As drought ravages the Midwest and the world prepared for its third price spike in five years, Timothy A. Wise sat down with the Real News Network to talk about the implications of the crisis. Drawing on his co-authored report with Sophia Murphy, “Resolving the Food Crisis: Assessing Global Policy Reforms Since 2007,” Wise points out that the international community has failed to address any of the important drivers of the food crisis – climate change, biofuels expansion, financial speculation, the lack of publicly managed food reserves, and strong reinvestment in developing country food production.

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One Response to “The Drought and the Coming Food Price Bubble”

  1. richard minor says:

    I have had visions of drought in the south and a great darkness in the north. I can only believe that a disaster is on the way for this once great, once Godly country. I do not know how the crop failure will happened..but expect it suddenly…expect a Grid Down in the North, expect Southern Mexico to be a refuge and haven from the disaster and the next rising world properity center