What We´re Reading and Writing

What We’re Reading
South Centre, The EPAs and Risks for Africa: Local Production and Regional Trade
Robert Pollin, The Great U.S. Liquidity Trap of 2009-11: Are We Stuck Pushing on Strings?
Columbia University, SIPA’s Ocampo and Co-Author Bértola Win Jaume Vicens Vivens Prize for Best Book on Spanish or Latin American Economic History
Stefano Pagliari, The Making of Good Financial Regulation. Towards a Policy Response to Regulatory Capture
Mark Halle, Life after Rio
Shiney Varghese, Human rights and Rio+20
IISD, Summary of the Meeting
Prideaux/MWN, ‘The Future We Want’ delivers little for migratory wildlife
FAO, Infosylva: Rio+20 Special Issue
Adam James, Andrew Light, Gwynne Taraska, How the Rio+20 Earth Summit Could Have Been Better
George Monbiot, After Rio, we know. Governments have given up on the planet
Tierney Smith and John Parnell, Rio+20: Five climate change ideas that didn’t make the Earth Summit outcome
Karen Hansen-Kuhn, Food, finance and climate crises are fundamental failures, not short-term glitches

What We’re Writing
Jayati Ghosh, India and the Credit Rating Agencies
C. P. Chandrasekhar, When the Law Takes its Course
Patrick Bond, Market Failure at the Rio+20 Earth Summit
Mark Blyth and Stephen Kinsella, Spain Is Now Making Ireland’s Mistakes

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