3 Responses to “What We’re Reading and Writing”

  1. Peter Shaw says:

    re ‘The Fall & Rise of Occupy Wall Street’:

    I have reason to think the general population may have a reliable feel for what is broadly sound economically, and what isn’t.

    Assume for a moment that it’s true, and our economic masters are making decisions either off the mark or actively counterproductive.
    I would expect a protest of the following nature -
    > spontaneous and of broadest extent (no groups over-represented);
    > with no evident leadership;
    > having a poorly-articulated complaint (expressing a feeling rather then a reason);
    > apolitical;
    > mostly peaceful;
    > of great persistence despite discouragement;
    > generally misunderstood by commentators.

    If (like me) you see something rather like this in OWS, the main squares of several capitals, and beyond the security cordons round G7 & G8 meetings, you can expect that
    > it will continue until economic policy changes;
    > where it’s been driven out, it will be back;
    > attempts to ‘reason’ with it will fail;
    rather like the driver of the ‘Arab Spring’.

    Do you care to consult your own gut-feel?

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