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What we’re reading:
Mehrling: In Gold They Trust
IATP: Blog from Brazil on agriculture, biofuels, and land use
Caliari: Lessons from US Financial Reform
Brixiová and Ndikumana: Post-Crisis Macroeconomics in Africa
Justin Yihu Lin: WPI interview on going beyond Keynes
Stiglitz: Why I didn’t sign the deficit letter
Magud, Reinhart, Rogoff: Capital Controls: A meta-analysis approach
Yu Yongding: Learning to Float
Boell Foundation: G-20 Analysis

What we’re writing:
Sunita Narain: “Climate games and America
Mark Blyth on Radio Open Source:The Black Swan of Cairo
Alejandro Nadal: “Environmental Impact of Changes in Production Strategies in Tropical Mexico
Timothy A. Wise in the World Policy Journal: “Re-Regulation

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