What We’re Reading, What We’re Writing

What We’re Writing

C.P. Chandrasekhar and Jayati Ghosh, Understanding “Secular Stagnation”

Martin Khor, Debate on TPPA Will Continue

Sunita Narain, Dengue, Another Climate Alert

Matias Vernengo, Branko Milanovic on Global Inequality

What We’re Reading

Nina Eichacker, Too Good to Be True: What the Icelandic Crisis Revealed about Global Finance

Robert Pollin and Shouvik Chakraborty, An Egalitarian Green Growth Programme for India

Franklin Serrano, Brazil´s Sudden Neoliberal U-Turn

Rachel Thrasher, Dario Bevilacqua, Jeronim Capaldo, Trade Agreements and the Land: Investment Agreements and Their Potential Impacts on Land Governance

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