Climate Change Negotiations: An updated resource list

Miquel Muñoz

Climate change negotiations are set to resume in Bangkok in early April. Three weeks ago, we published links to a broad range of analyses of the Cancun Climate Summit. We asked readers to suggest resources that we may have missed, and we have now updated the original post by adding the following resources below. We hope you find them useful, and we look forward to further discussion during and after the Bangkok meetings. (See the recent video interview with Nicholas Stern and the talks by Martin Weitzman and Lord Stern on “Toward a New Economics of Climate Change,” and see further extensive coverage on this blog.)

Agriculture and Rural Development Day
Agriculture Day Blog

BASIC Ministerial Meeting
Joint statement of the the Sixth BASIC Ministerial meeting on Climate Change Feb 26-27 2011

Carbon Positive
Daniel Bodansky: Cancun: Foundation for climate progress

Democracy Now
Cancún Coverage

Farming First
Video interviews with:
Sam Bickersteth – Senior Advisor Climate Change and Agriculture at UK DfID
Andrew Steer – Special Envoy for Climate Change at the World Bank Group
Peter Minang – World Agroforestry Centre
Lloyd Le Page – CGIAR
Bernard Giraud – Danone

Institue of Green Economy
Promode Kant, Swati Chaliha and Dr Wu Shuirong: The REDD safeguards of Cancun
Chris Lang:
The Cancun agreement on REDD: Four questions and four answers
FERN report on REDD in Cancun: “increased risk that REDD activities will fuel conflict, undermine forest peoples’ rights and fail to reduce deforestation”
Guyana’s president Bharrat Jagdeo caught lying in Cancun: “We have decided to protect our entire forest”
How Kevin Conrad dismissed NGO requests not to weaken safeguards in the REDD text in Cancun
Four reactions to Cancun: Via Campesina, Bolivia, Friends of the Earth International and Indigenous Environmental Network

UNFCCC: Cancún Decisions and Conclusions
COP 16
Part I COP 16 Report – Proceedings;
Part II COP 16 Report – Action taken by COP 16 (decisions);
Part II Addendum to COP 16 Report – Action taken by COP 16 (decisions)
Part I COP/MOP 6 Report- Proceedings;
Part II to COP/MOP 6 Report -Action taken by COP/MOP 6 (decisions)
Part II Addendum to COP/MOP 6 Report – Action taken by COP/MOP 6 (decisions)

VertigO [FRENCH]
René Audet et Patrick Bonin: Les Accords de Cancún face aux enjeux des négociations internationales sur le climat

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