Spotlight Durban: Durban Resource List

Following the conclusion of the UN Climate Change Conference of COP 17 & CMP 7 in Durban, South Africa, and as part of our Spotlight Durban series, Triple Crisis recommends the following analyses on the package of decisions adopted at Durban and what they mean for the Kyoto Protocol and the 2020 successor agreement.

Triple Crisis bloggers

Martin Khor, New talks launched at Durban , The Fight at the Heart of the Durban Climate Talks, and Gloomy Outlook in Durban
Sunita Narain, Choice is between a rock and a hard place and Durban’s final hours
Patrick Bond, A dirty deal coming down in Durban and Occupy Durban
Frank Ackerman, Climate stalemate in Durban: What can be done?
Elizabeth Stanton, Climate change gets personal and Taking Development and Emission Reduction Seriously
Edward Barbier, A REDD and green paradox

Other Commentaries
Robert Stavins, Assessing the Climate Talks — Did Durban Succeed?
Fiona Harvey and John Vidal, Durban Deal will not avert catastrophic climate change
John Broder, Climate Talks in Durban Yield Limited Agreement
Oxfam,  Climate deal fails poor people
Durban Climate Deal: The verdict , a compilation of reactions from world leaders at The Guardian
Desmond Tutu and Mary Robinson, Climate Justice
Jagdish Bhagwati, Deadlock in Durban


The Climate Group
Post Durban Analysis

CSE India
The final outcome of the Durban Conference on Climate Change
Durban’s final hours: our assessment and outcome

Doreen Stabinsky, The “deal” in Durban: What happened on agriculture at the climate talks? and  Wearing blinders: The UNFCCC and agriculture’s adaptation challenge
Karen Hansen-Kuhn, The Sound of Food Sovereignty in Durban
Steve Suppan, Agriculture and the Green Climate Fund: Two U.S. bargaining chips at the climate talks
Ben Lilliston, Civil society in Durban: “Reject carbon markets for agriculture”

Bridges Durban Update: Eleventh Hour Deal Emerges from Protracted Durban Climate Meet

Food Security and Climate Change Initiative: Agriculture and trade
Agriculture in an International Climate Change Agreement

Pew Center on Global Climate Change
C2ES Statement on the Durban Deal
Elliot Diringer,Durban – How Big a Deal?
Dan Bodansky, Evaluating Durban

Durban Decisions and Reports

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